Automatically live stream to your website, YouTube, Facebook, and 30+  platforms.

Live Streaming Simplified™ 

StreamSpot specializes in automated content distribution for a multi-platform delivery. Our core services feature our patented streaming automation workflow allowing you to focus on your event, not the stream. One powerful platform with dozens of integrations and robust syndication features makes getting your content in front of people anywhere, on any device simple to better reach and grow your audience worldwide. 

Live streaming

Stream high-quality broadcasts to any internet-connected device. Broadcasters can utilize a wide range of popular encoders & apps. For the ultimate in simplicity, check out the StreamSpot ONE Encoder or our Turn-key Streaming Bundles.


100% automated live streaming that starts and stops automatically. Simply enter the details of your event (either one-time or repeating), and our patented StreamSpot Sync® takes care of the broadcast for you. Manage from anywhere, no complex firewall or router configurations required.


Automated content syndication allows for a single broadcast to be distributed to popular platforms including Vimeo, Facebook Live, YouTube, Chromecast, Amazon FireTV & Roku automatically, saving you time.


Within minutes of each live broadcast, your archive is automatically posted for on-demand viewing directly on your custom StreamSpot players.

Live streaming for any audience

Live streaming on the StreamSpot platform provides an effortless and complete end-to-end streaming solution for any type of organization or audience. Whether you're live streaming a community gathering, worship experience, or broadcasting your next big event, StreamSpot connects your content to your viewers—on any device.




Easy integration. Powerful syndication.

Easily use a single stream from the StreamSpot platform to all channels you currently use.

Live stream your content in three simple steps:



Use almost any camera or device to capture video


Video is automatically converted into formats usable for streaming


Transmit your video content from your encoder to any device

Simple and powerful features

StreamSpot Sync® Automation 

 StreamSpot's patented StreamSpot Sync® automation software allows for 100% automated broadcasts that start and stop based on your streaming schedule, allowing you to focus on your event, not the broadcast. 

Watch on any device 

StreamSpot broadcasts are available on virtually any Internet connected device for live or on-demand playback. We are constantly adapting to the latest streaming technologies to ensure that your viewers can enjoy your broadcasts regardless of which device they are using.

Insights and Analytics 

Keep track of important metrics like total unique viewers, their locations and which devices they used, and average viewing duration.

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